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How KRG’s Client Care Conveyancing works

Buying and selling property should be an exciting experience. Unfortunately at times, it can also be stressful.

Our aim is to put you at ease with the trust of our Client Care Program. We do this by providing streamlined, efficient Queensland conveyancing services at fixed fees, which give you true value for money. Some property conveyancing lawyers give you a little nasty bill for everything from photocopying, postage to telephone calls they make on your behalf.  Once you have a quote from KRG, you won’t be paying for anything else! We suggest you read our further tips to comparing conveyancing costs.

As a KRG client, we will talk to you in plain language, keep you fully informed of progress at all times and totally aware of what your costs and options are. You are guaranteed fixed upfront quotes for conveyancing fees and costs, no hidden extras and a unique No Move No Payment Policy (if your sale or purchase falls through). You are covered 100% with the KRG Conveyancing Client Care Guarantee!

It is our customer first, no nonsense approach that forms the basis of our Client Care Conveyancing® program. We offer:

KRG Conveyancing offers Queensland-wide conveyancing services on a fixed fair fee basis with no hidden extras because we understand that our clients want their interests protected but they also want to know with certainty "What it will cost me?".

With KRG Conveyancing, you can budget with confidence knowing well in advance the legal fees, search costs and stamp duty for the property you intend to purchase or sell. The free online conveyancing cost quote we give is a fixed cost conveyancing price and that's a guarantee!

If you have received a cheaper quote from another conveyancing firm, we would like you to contact us. In many cases, these 'cheap conveyancing quotes' do not include all of the services which are legally required to get the job done for you - you may find a surprise bill waiting for you at the end of the transaction.

Unlike many law firms, we do not quote a fee and then seek to add hidden extras.

We do not charge extra conveyancing fees for:

• photocopying, phone calls, faxes, postage or sundries;
• advising on any mortgage you may enter into;
• arranging the release of any mortgage you may have over your property;
• arranging any extension or variation of the final settlement date;
• any unusual complexities which may arise.

Many other property solicitors and conveyancers charge you for some or all of the above. We do not - makes a refreshing change, don't you think?

Our pricing policies are completely open and honest.

We are aware of many misleading and potentially deceptive practices within the market for Queensland conveyancing services. For this reason, we have put together some "Tips and Tricks" for comparing conveyancing costs.

If you receive a quote which seems too good to be true, it probably is. Please call us and we are happy to walk through any competitor's quote with you, to ensure that you are being quoted fairly for the work which is to be done.

It's true! We only get paid if and when your matter settles. Occasionally a contract is not finalised because the finance, inspection or some other condition is not met. If that happens, you will not pay us any legal professional fees.

Now that the banks have tightened up their lending requirements in the wake of the global financial crisis, this is a much more valuable feature for our clients, particularly sellers who have a bad run of purchasers not obtaining finance.

Most other property solicitors and conveyancers charge you all or part fees anyway and you lose money through no fault of your own. We do not! Makes a nice change don't you think?

Our modern approach to conveyancing avoids the need for you to visit our legal offices. You are of course always welcome. If you do not have to time to attend meetings to receive advice or sign documents, we will keep you fully updated by phone, SMS, mail, fax or email - it's your choice and it's all included in our fixed fee.

We regularly service clients in every part of Queensland, whether it is Bundaberg or Barcaldine, Cairns or Charleville, Gympie or Gladstone, Toowoomba or Townsville, we could go on and on, but keep in mind that if it is a property in Queensland we have the legal expertise and ability to get the conveyancing done in a timely and professional manner with fixed transparent pricing.

There is a culture at KRG Conveyancing that clearly dictates the highest possible levels of Customer Service and Client Care, from our Lawyers, Solicitors & Conveyancers.

When you join our Client-Care program, you are going to be looked after in a manner that you probably thought was long gone and's the way we do things here!

We specialise in Queensland conveyancing and help thousands of clients move home every year. We would love to assist you!

KRG has a strong commitment to and reputation for providing excellent client-care. Our day-to-day operation involves the use of streamlined and efficient systems. Our staff members are knowledgeable, well trained, experienced and professional.  Reliability and courtesy are core values within our team. We pride ourselves on our integrity and professional reputation.

As part of our continuing investment in client service innovations, we have developed a sophisticated case-management system which we use in our practice. This ensures that we remain at the forefront of operational efficiency, quality assurance and client accessibility.

We are members of the Queensland Law Society and hold comprehensive professional indemnity insurance cover.  All of us at KRG take pride in ensuring the highest ethical standards in dealing with our clients, other property professionals and members of the public.

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