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Stamp Duty Calculator – QLD

The rate of transfer duty varies, based on a number of factors. Concessions and discounts are applicable under different circumstances; for example, first home buyers pay a lower rate of duty than someone purchasing an investment property. These concessions are built into our Queensland stamp duty calculator, which shows the amount payable depending on your intended use of the Property.

Please see Stamp Duty Concessions Explained for further information on the concessions available. As part of the conveyancing process, KRG Conveyancing will calculate the rate of transfer/stamp duty payable by you, we will also work out any concessions or discounts you are eligible for and ensure that the requirements to apply for and receive these concessions are fulfilled.

The above calculator is a useful tool for transfer duty and conveyancing fee estimates, however in recent years the changes to Stamp Duty formulas have been frequent as new rulings are implemented For further detailed information, please contact us at info@krg.com.au or 1300 132 088 for a free conveyancing cost calculation and report.

This calculation is not accurate for foreign purchasers. Please contact our office for further details.

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