Comparing Conveyancing Fee Quotes August 29 2018 2:59 PM

Comparing conveyancing fees? Ask these three questions!

Competition drives innovation and in a competitive legal services market like Conveyancing, sometimes that innovation results in new ways to charge additional fees that may not be apparent at the outset.

If you’re comparing quotes for Conveyancing fees in Brisbane, ask these three questions:

Will I be charged additional fees if one party asks the other for an extension to a critical date like Finance or Settlement?

Sometimes, a Buyer may need a little more time to get their Finance Approval across the line or to get their Bank ready for Settlement. This is commonplace and could be considered a normal part of a conveyancing transaction. Some Brisbane conveyancing firms charge additional legal fees of up to $220.00 for simply acting on an extension request. If this happens once or twice a cheap conveyancing quote could quickly grow by hundreds of dollars.

We don’t charge additional fees.

Will I be charged additional conveyancing fees to have your firm negotiate on my behalf if something comes up under Building and Pest?

A Building and Pest Inspection is an invaluable tool to identify potential issues that may not have been visible to the naked eye during initial inspections. Buyers may uncover potential issues that require the Seller to carry out work or in some cases a more suitable solution is an adjustment to the Purchase Price. These negotiations are a normal part of Queensland conveyancing transactions and you should not expect to pay additional fees for Building and Pest negotiations.

We don’t charge additional fees for Building and Pest negotiations.

Will I be charged by the minute (aka time-billing) in the event that my conveyance requires direct intervention from a Solicitor?

The overwhelming majority of Queensland conveyancing transactions proceed without a hitch, but on rare occasions, a conveyancing matter may take a turn for the worst. Negotiations between Sellers and Buyers may break down, a tenant may become hostile or property searches reveal a potentially serious issue. If a Solicitor must take direct control of negotiations, you may find that your fixed fee quote is blown out by minute by minute billing for additional phone calls and letters.

At KRG, this is covered in your fixed fee conveyancing quote.

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