Eyes on Queensland as Southern States experience downturn – Conveyancing Solicitors and Brisbane Conveyancers in demand? September 4 2018 2:11 PM

With horror stories being aired at the Royal Commission into the Banking Industry, the news cycle at the moment tends to be mostly negative about the national property market outlook. All eyes however are currently on Queensland as being the State to potentially shine through the current headwinds.

A recent survey of industry insiders conducted by NAB suggests that respondents expect Queensland house prices to continue to rise modestly over the next two years despite predicted continued falls in New South Wales and Victoria.

Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast in particular are predicted to enjoy better than average growth. This is likely to lead to an increased demand for Conveyancing Solicitors and Brisbane Conveyancers in the South East Queensland area.

Forecasters and Property analysts BIS Oxford Economics agree. They have forecasted total growth for Brisbane to be 13% for the period from 2018-2021 compared to just 3% for Sydney.

In addition to this, Queensland’s interstate migration is currently the highest in the country making it an attractive proposition for property investors expecting a potential squeeze on housing supply further increasing. Investors on the look out for a Conveyancing Solicitor in Brisbane would do well to look no further than KRG Conveyancing.

Did you know KRG Conveyancing offer a free contract review service for standard residential property? If you are looking for a Brisbane Conveyancer, please feel free to get in touch with us and one of our experienced property Solicitors will be more than happy to assist.

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