100,000 Queensland Settlements! December 19 2018 12:18 PM

Some of the bah humbug felt in the property market leading up to Christmas brings to mind the saying “tough times never last, tough people do”.

During our 15 years of helping Queenslanders with their conveyancing we’ve seen several property cycles. One thing that remains constant is that clients always want to know they’re getting great value, advice they can trust and exceptional service.

It makes us very proud that this month marks KRG Conveyancing’s 100,000th Queensland settlement! We’re very thankful for the support of every agent we’ve worked with.

As Queensland-wide specialists here’s what 100,000 looks like in relation to some of our favourite places:
* it’s half of all homes in the City of Gold Coast
* it’s two-thirds of all homes on the Sunshine Coast
* it’s nearly all homes in Far North Queensland.

The KRG team wishes you, and your team and your clients a successful summer selling season!

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