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From our centrally located Southport office, KRG Conveyancing Gold Coast has been servicing the property conveyancing needs of the Gold Coast for over 20 years. We assist with all aspect of property conveyancing, so whether you’re buying, selling, subdividing or transferring title, our team of experienced conveyancers can help.

Why choose KRG to assist with your conveyancing matter? We have:

  • More than 100 years’ combined experience servicing sellers, buyers and investors
  • Tailored our systems to provide a specialised client-focused conveyancing service
  • Performed over 50,000 successful Gold Coast property conveyancing settlements
  • The expertise to handle your conveyancing and legal needs in Gold Coast City Council



Fixed Price Gold Coast Conveyancing Quotes 

Unlike many Gold Coast conveyancers, we offer fixed fair quotes that are completely transparent — with a KRG Conveyancing quote, there are no hidden extras, no additional fees or costs, just property conveyancing that works for you by putting your interests first.

It’s important to realise that conveyancing costs are determined by a variety of factors, such as property type and local council, and that these costs can vary significantly. That’s why you must get a quote that not only sets out the full details and costs of all fees and government search charges, but is fixed. KRG Conveyancing provides fixed fair quotes backed by our no-move no-fee guarantee so you can budget with confidence.

Our transparent quotes, Client Care Conveyancing® program and team of experienced conveyancers, lawyers and solicitors combine to deliver a service that protects your interests, saves you money and empowers you to budget with confidence.

The Gold Coast’s Trusted Conveyancers 

KRG Conveyancing is firm of experienced property solicitors, lawyers and conveyancers with offices on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. We service all of Queensland and have an outstanding track record of success in completing settlements on time and to our clients’ complete satisfaction. Whether you are buying or selling a home or investment property on the Gold Coast, you can rely on KRG to protect your interests, get all conveyancing works done right the first time — even if things get complicated — and save you money. For your assurances, KRG Conveyancing are:

  • Always available to assist you with advice
  • Proud and active members of the QLD Law Society
  • Comprehensively covered by professional indemnity insurance

Need an experienced conveyancing solicitor or lawyer to help you buy or sell property on the Gold Coast, QLD? The KRG Conveyancing team is here to help.

Call KRG Conveyancing on 1300 132 088, email us at [email protected] or get an instant online conveyancing quote right now!

Already signed a contract? 

If you have already signed a contract for the purchase of a property on the Gold Coast, simply contact the real estate agent handling the sale and ask that they forward a copy of the contract to us. Our conveyancers can review it and give you a detailed fixed price conveyancing quote that provides peace of mind and enables you to budget with confidence. And if you’ve already got a conveyancing quote from another Gold Coast conveyancer, we’re happy to go through it with you to ensure your interests are protected.

Conveyancing on the Gold Coast involves the same legal process as conveyancing anywhere in Queensland — KRG Conveyancing is highly experienced in handling all property conveyancing transactions, including purchases, sales, subdivisions and transfer of title. We know how conveyancing works.



Fair Quotes

Receive an obligation-free conveyancing quote in under 30 seconds.

We invite you to obtain an instant conveyancing quote for your sale or purchase conveyancing fees, which sets out full details and actual costs of all fees and government search charges.

Enjoy the
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Queensland property conveyancing done quickly & easily for a fixed fair fee - that's our client-care guarantee

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