Essential Search Package Information Guide


We set out below information relating to the Essential Searches we believe are necessary to complete the purchase of the Property on your behalf. However, in addition to these searches, there are other searches which we recommend you consider, depending on the specific nature of the property and your intended use of the property.For further information, please refer to Additional Searches information page.

Importantly, we only charge you the actual amount charged by the search provider to carry out the search – not a cent more! Many firms add mark-ups or additional fees to their search costs, so please compare any conveyancing quote carefully.

Search Name



Title Search


This search confirms that the Seller is the registered owner of the property, and reveals whether there are any mortgages or easements registered on the title.

Local Authority search

Varies between local councils - refer to the quote calculator for exact details.

This search reveals:-

1. the rates position of the Property

2. any water charges owing on the Property

For most local authorities this search also reveals where there are any adverse notices issued by Council in relation to the Property

The exact nature of this search will differ between local authorities - in most cases all of the above information is revealed. In certain areas, we will also need to conduct a Special Water Meter Reading to confirm water usage.

In the Brisbane City Council, this search is free; however, it does not reveal any adverse notices which may be issued by Council. To obtain this information, we recommend you carry out a Full Local Search (refer to our Additional Searches information)

Registered Plan search


We obtain a copy of the plan of the property. This shows the position and dimensions of the property and the location of any easements. We will send you a copy of the plan to confirm that the property shown on the plan is the property you have agreed to buy.

Land Tax search


This search shows whether there is any unpaid land tax on the property, which would be the responsibility of the Seller.

Transport & Main Roads search


This search reveals any current proposal and future intentions for roads in the vicinity of the property.

Body Corporate searches (Units/Townhouse/Duplex only)


These searches reveal the current Body Corporate levies and insurance position, and provide a copy of the Community Management Statement applicable to the property. This is conducted where the property you are purchasing is a unit, townhouse or duplex.

Company Search

$16.50 per company

This search is only conducted if the Seller is a Company. The search reveals whether there are any company charges fixed against the property that need to be released at settlement.

Check Title Search


This search is conducted on the morning of settlement to ensure no further dealings (eg. Mortgages) have been registered against the property prior to settlement

Easement Search

$39.88 per easement

Where the title search reveals an easement registered against the title, we will conduct a search to identify the nature of the easement and how it may impact on your use of the property.

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