Emerald Conveyancing

Need conveyancing assistance in Emerald? Whether you’re buying or selling a home, transferring title or subdividing a block of land, choose KRG Conveyancing. We’ve serviced all of Queensland for over 20 years and have a strong reputation for providing reliable, fixed price property conveyancing that puts our clients first.

And with fixed fee conveyancing quotes, a team of dedicated conveyancers and our no-move no-fee guarantee, you’re ensured a smooth, hassle-free experience when buying or selling property in Emerald.

Why choose KRG to manage your conveyancing requirements for you? We have:

  • Over 100 years’ combined experience assisting buyers, sellers and investors
  • Performed more than 50,000 successful conveyancing settlements in QLD
  • The skills and experience to manage your conveyancing matter in the Central Highlands Regional Council
  • Tailored our systems to provide client-centric property conveyancing services

Fixed Price Emerald Conveyancing Quote

KRG Conveyancing operates Queensland-wide, including Emerald and surrounds, and provides our residential property conveyancing services on a fixed fee basis. What does this mean for you? It means there are no hidden extras, no additional costs and no extra fees to worry about at settlement.

Fixed fee conveyancing is the way to go when buying or selling a home as the cost of a conveyancing matter can vary significantly due to a variety of factors, such as search fees which differ from council to council. When you get a KRG conveyancing quote, you can rest easy knowing that what you’ve been quoted is exactly what you’ll pay. Why not get a fixed fee conveyancing quote now and find out just how affordable peace of mind can be?

Outstanding Customer Service and Client Care

Having provided industry-leading residential property conveyancing in Emerald and across Queensland for more than 20 years, we’ve realised that buying or selling a home can be stressful, but with the right client care program in place it doesn’t have to be that way. To make buying and selling property as smooth and stress-free as possible, we’ve created our Client Care Conveyancing® program that demonstrates our strong commitment to providing outstanding client-care.

The basis of this program is our customer-first, no-nonsense approach to property conveyancing which includes our fixed fee quotes, no-move no-fee guarantee and no-meetings-needed conveyancing communication system that saves you time. We’d love to chat about the conveyancing services we can assist you with when buying property in Emerald — why not get in touch and a KRG conveyancer can explain how we provide conveyancing that works for you?  

Signed a Contract and Got a Conveyancing Quote Already?

If you’ve already signed a contract and received a conveyancing quote, it isn’t too late to use our conveyancing services and benefit from the skills and experience our dedicated conveyancing lawyers bring. Simply send us a copy of the conveyancing quote you’ve received and one of our conveyancers will go through it — with you over the phone if you like — to make sure it’s sound and that your interests are protected.

If you’d like to get a fixed fee conveyancing quote so that you can compare the two, get in touch with the real estate agent handling the sale and ask for a copy of the contract to be sent to us. We’ll review it and provide you with a quote that’s fixed and backed by our no-move no-fee guarantee. There’s no obligation or pressure to use our services.


Fair Quotes

Receive an obligation-free conveyancing quote in under 30 seconds.

We invite you to obtain an instant conveyancing quote for your sale or purchase conveyancing fees, which sets out full details and actual costs of all fees and government search charges.

Enjoy the
Peace of Mind

Queensland property conveyancing done quickly & easily for a fixed fair fee - that's our client-care guarantee

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